April 19

Buying Property in the UK?


Buying Property in the UK?

Are you planning on emigrating and buying property in the UK?

Tired of paying off someone else’s mortgage?

Well, you’re not alone.

Buying property in the UK can be difficult and stressful. As Saffas, we understand how you feel and we know that one of the biggest challenges once you have emigrated and arrived in the UK, is buying property.  We also know that high-street banks don’t make it any easier.

For starters they want you to have lived in the UK for a specified amount of time before they will even speak to you about a mortgage (Bond). And then, once you meet that criteria, they will often want as much as a 50% deposit. This after having just divided the value of all your life’s savings, investments, RAs, proceeds from the sale of properties, vehicles, businesses etc by 20 (The exchange rate at the time of writing this article is ZAR20 = £1).

The Stress of Buying Property in the Uk put you In tears yet?

We feel your pain and have recently launched our Financial Services arm of the business. Currently, we are specialising in finding the EXACT right mortgage solution for you. Whether you are buying your first home in the UK, adding properties to your investment property portfolio or even if you own a business and want to buy new offices or factories, we can help and take the pain away.

We were you. We know how you think, we know what’s important to you and your family and that’s why we now specialise in helping clients like you.

Brought to you by the same trusted and reputable guys who’ve been moving your funds to the UK for years.

International Money Transfers

This is a bank-to-bank transfer done safely and securely, the bank transfer fee is only R250 per transaction, irrespective of the amount, we can offer better rates than most SA commercial banks. Our service at WB Forex service is free.

For more information or advice on transferring money abroad please email fx@whitebirch.group – with dedicated account managers in the UK and SA.

WhiteBirch Group


Head Office UK: +44 (0) 207 018 8552

Trading desk in Hartley Wintney (UK) & Pretoria (SA)

WhatsApp: +44 (0) 790 893 3594

Transferring Money Abroad: How much does it cost
How much does it cost: Transferring Money Abroad:


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