March 22

Cross-Border Property Investments


Cross-Border Property Investments

Are you planning on emigrating or investing abroad?

Cross-Border Property Investments

South Africans have been making bad mistakes when it comes to cross-border investments.

A new wave of South Africans looking to emigrate is evident. After a long self-reflection period during the lockdown,  the crime, corruption, load shedding, and of course the unease of the rioting in July last year leaves one in an emotional and vulnerable state.

Many South Africans are in the mindset of “I need to get my money out of South Africa or I need to get out of the country” and tend to do this in a hurry when the rand is undervalued and not at its strongest. 

The rand tends to always bounce back slightly on a long-term trend line, however, this takes some time.

Due to the unrest, social media and the press, people tend to become emotional and react quickly. This leads many South Africans to make bad decisions when it comes to cross-border investments.

With property interest rates currently very low and good economic growth, the UK and Germany are becoming attractive options for cross-border property investments. Many people are trying to invest in property abroad in an attempt to gain residency.

When the property market is under pressure this is usually a good time to look at investing. With the value of the South African economy being so low and the fantastic offshore investment allowances, we encourage people to take advantage of this and make some solid offshore investments.

At WB Forex we specialise in international money transfers which are 100% safe & secure with bank-to-bank transfers and a fixed transfer fee of only R250 per transaction, irrespective of the amount transferred.

We offer better rates than any commercial bank in SA. 

International Money Transfers

This is a bank-to-bank transfer done safely and securely, the bank transfer fee is only R250 per transaction, irrespective of the amount, we can offer better rates than most SA commercial banks. Our service at WB Forex service is free.

For more information or advice on transferring money abroad please email – with dedicated account managers in the UK and SA.

WhiteBirch Group

Head Office UK: +44 (0) 207 018 8552

Trading desk in Hartley Wintney (UK) & Pretoria (SA)

WhatsApp: +44 (0) 790 893 3594

Transferring Money Abroad: How much does it cost
How much does it cost: Transferring Money Abroad:

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