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Transferring Money Abroad Simplified.


Transferring Money Abroad Simplified.

Transferring Money Abroad Simplified

Need assistance transferring money abroad? We simplify the process.

Transferring money from SA can be difficult and stressful, in this article we explain how simple and pain-free it is using our services. 

Transferring Money Abroad with bank to bank transfers, this means: 

You EFT the fund from your SA bank account to your Mercantile account that we open for you. The account is yours to use as and when you like.

No minimum amount is needed to open the account, no admin fees. Every international transfer is R250 irrespective of the amount. The funds should then clear the following working day. 

Once the funds clear in your Mercantile account, you can leave it in the account for as long as you like. It will earn interest at 3% pa which is then paid out at the end of every month.

When you are ready to have the funds transferred, you just email us the instruction and we then give you a rate. This is a live rate, so you will need to get back to us ASAP otherwise, we have to re-quote the rate. 

Once the rate has been accepted by you and approved in writing we lock in that rate, instruct the bank to do the transfer, the funds should then clear in your offshore account the following working day. 

We are always available to help and answer questions, you just email us. We will guide you through the process and you, our client will always be informed as to where your funds are. 


  • 100% SAFE & SECURE with actual Bank to Bank transfers. *
  • Highly competitive exchange rates.
  • Transfer up to R1 Million per person per year using the individual annual allowance
  • A further R10 Million per person per year can be transferred using the Foreign Investment Allowance. Clearance is required for this allowance for which we are able to assist in applying to make use of this allowance.

* Please note no funds flow into 3rd party accounts, this is a true bank to bank service, with the flow of funds going directly from your transfer account to your nominated bank account abroad. We facilitate negotiating better exchange rates than the banks typically offer.

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