Transfer Money  out of South Africa safely and Securely. 

Transferring money out of South Africa does not have to be complicated. We make it easy whilst offering the security off a bank to bank service at bank beating exchange rates. 

Money Transfer Specialists 

Get Your Money out of South Africa fast and easy.

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We can assist with the SARS Tax Clearance Certificate applications.

Send Money from South Africa

When sending money out of South Africa, there are a lot of bureaucratic procedures to comply with, we can help with all this, we guide you through the process, we keep you updated with every step of the process to make your money transfer simple and easy, you will have a dedicated currency expert that will assist with the whole transfer process for you. Below is a list of the money transfer allowances South Africans can make use of when transferring money out of SA.

  • R1 Million Allowance
  • R10M Foreign Investment Allowance
  • Gift Allowance
  • Foreign Invoice Payments
  • Free SARS Tax Clearance Certificates
  • UK Investments
  • Retirement Annuities cashed in

Paying back to the planet

We believe in paying back into our planet to preserve it for the future generations with our WhiteBIRCH 'forex' foundation. We plant trees every month to help save the planet. In our company we promote and practise a paperless system. All in the name of saving our beautiful planet.

We can assist you with...

  • Tax Clearance Certificates
  • Proceeds from property Sale
  • Inheritance
  • Preservation Funds
  • Unit Trusts & Shares
  • Corporate Funds
  • Tax Clearance Certificates
  • Proceeds from property Sale
  • Inheritance
  • Preservation Funds
  • Unit Trusts & Shares
  • Corporate Funds


We assist in getting your money out of South Africa.

Meeting all the SA Reserve bank requirements to move your funds safely to your chosen account abroad.

"Don't just take our word for it..."

Grant Boast

Ricky is absolutely great, really helped me a lot with getting money moved over in a short period of time. Thanks Ricky and the team at WBForex, You guys Rock!

Ryan Gibson

I regularly move money overseas and have been using WBForex for a while now and have never had a days issue. The team is on the ball and always willing to go the extra mile.

Nick Newman

Generally speaking as South Africans, we are are rather cautious people, especially when it comes to money and given all your life savings to one business. I can whole heartedly say that I fully trust the  team at WBForex and would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to transfer cash to the UK.

FAQ - Money Transfers

Who is White Birch Forex?

White Birch are specialists in transferring funds for South Africans from South Africa to any bank in the world.

Why should I use WB Forex and not the bank?

Your money is still transferred safely and securely via the bank, however as an intermediary we are able to negotiate the exchange rate that you get for your transaction which is better than what the commercial banks will offer you.

How much can I transfer from South Africa?

Every resident above the age of 18 has two allowances that they can use to transfer funds from SA:

R1,000,000 - Single Discretionary Allowance

As a resident, you may transfer a total of R1 000 000 from SA every calendar year. Please note that all card transactions, travel allowance and gifting while you are abroad are included under this allowance.

R10,000,000 - Foreign Investment 

Allowance As a resident, you may also use this R10 000 000 allowance per calendar year. A tax clearance is required from SARS. This tax clearance is associated with the Foreign Investment Allowance and differs from a normal ‘good standing’ tax clearance.

You may also transfer funds abroad more than these allowances. Please contact us for more information.

The minimum requirement for transferring funds is that you must be in possession of a green bar-coded ID document or the latest ID card.

Can I open a foreign bank account online in order to transfer my money abroad?

For UK accounts, we can offer guidance on how to open a online account. for other countries, they may allow you to open bank accounts online, and would recommend researching it using the foreign bank’s website for more information.

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